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For years, I was classic-boot-height-averse. I would say from college until about 3 years ago, if I was wearing the fall and winter-centric style, they were either booties or over-the-knee; there was simply no in between. But in the past few years, I’ve become reacquainted with boots that hit below the knee, and I’m back on board. Forever. Want to know my favorite pair? The Sarah Flint Perfect Riding Boot 30.

Perfect Riding Boot 30
Perfect Riding Boot 30

This love affair started last year, actually. I was taking a stroll down West Broadway, passed the Sarah Flint pop-up and noticed among the classic silhouettes for the brand (like the iconic Meghan Markle-loved Natalie Flats and Perfect Pumps) there was a glossy pair of black riding boots in the window that I hadn’t seen before. So naturally, I went in to learn more.

Not 5 minutes later, after learning that they were an exclusive style for the pop-up, I was trying them on. And after hemming and hawing over the black versus the saddle hue, I followed my gut intuition and nabbed a pair of the former—because how could I resist?

So began a journey with my most worn pair of shoes last year. They just looked good with everything. With casual outfits, they added classic polish, but when paired with dresses and skirts and sweaters, they added an understated ease, rendering my outfits the perfect combination of elegant-not-overdone. I suspect it’s all down to the timeless equestrian inspired details like the tiny horsebit buckle and ankle straps.

Some reasons beyond aesthetics why I love these boots so much that I now own them in tan as well? (Side bar: you’d be hard-pressed to find something in my closet that I love so much that I own it in multiple colors so this is really saying something!) First and foremost, the details make the piece—as they always do. There’s an interior elastic panel and zipper, which means I no longer have to engage in battle with myself to get my boots off after a long day on my feet. And speaking of being on my feet all day, there’s added padding on the insole, so they’re super comfy and supportive.

All of which to say: the classic boot comeback has begun—never to be forsaken again.