June 17, 2024

Sidi X-Power Lei Women’s Boots

The X-Power Lei Women’s Boot offers a step up in protection and support with a sturdier build, stopping short of the same level of Sidi’s flagship Crossfire boot. The X-Power Lei Women’s Boot, and the standard X-Power Boot, share a lot of the same chassis components as the Crossfire, including the TA sole, cam lock buckles and Cambrelle inner lining, but they come in at $449.99 (for both men’s and women’s), giving riders a solid quality option for under $500. For this price point you still get a hinged design with a flex system for added ankle protection.

There is no inner bootie, but there is an extra-soft lining and thermoformed padded microfiber in the Achilles area. Accordion-style gaiters at the top help keep out debris. The sole, buckles and any of the bolt on parts are replaceable.

The X-Power Lei Women’s Boot is available in white, while the standard X-Power is available in black, blue, grey and red.

Sidi X-Power Lei Women's Boots
With a hinged chassis, cam lock buckles and flex system to protect the ankle, you get a lot of boot for under $500 in the X-Power.

Lowdown | Sidi X-Power Lei Women’s Boots

Standout Feature: Near-premium motocross boot under $500.

List Price: $449.99 (Women’s and Standard X-Power)

wheelie-up    Sturdy construction and premium protection

wheelie-up    Excellent support and control on the bike

wheelie-up    Replaceable sole and parts

endo-down   Sturdier build equals more weight

endo-down   Limited sizing for women

Rider Analysis Sidi X-Power Lei Women’s Boots

Why a stitched sole? The streamlined look of the molded-sole boot is increasingly popular, but you’ll notice plenty of riders (pro and hobbyists alike) still opt for the sturdier construction and more planted feel of the stitched sole, such as that of the X-Power. When smooth trail turns to rock gardens, or when sunny skies turn into rain clouds, you’ll quickly see where better protection and a more positive feel on the controls is critical.

I set my molded sole boots aside for a fresh pair of Sidi X-Power Lei boots, and immediately noted the difference. The flatter sole of the X-Power means your foot has a firm grip on more of the footpeg surface, critical when riding in rainy/muddy conditions. The same goes for foot controls, as I find it easier to make a quick snick of the shifter or get a positive grip on the rear brake no matter how wet or dry it is. This rare rainy season in Southern California has given me a new appreciation for wet-weather grip below the knees.

As mentioned, these boots are the successors to the X-3, and having ridden in those, I can attest to the sturdier construction of the X-Power boot—something I was especially grateful for when I low-sided in a sticky, rutted turn on the motocross track. My leg was caught under the bike, pinning my foot down while my body continued to rotate forward. Even though my left boot was wrenched and smashed under the bike, nothing was broken, or even injured, thanks to the X-Power’s hold on my ankle. After a minute of hopping around in pain, I was able to walk (ride) away. And it’s worth noting that the boot wasn’t damaged, either.

I will also call these more comfortable right off the bat, with a nice, premium finish. Unless you had tried on a pair of Crossfires, you might not know these weren’t Sidi’s top-of-the-line motocross boot.

More protection does equate to more bulk and weight, however. These aren’t the lightest boots out there, and also won’t be the most comfortable/agile off the bike for walking around. But that may or may not be relevant when it comes to riding protection and performance. (These boots aren’t made for walking, are they?)

My only other snivel is the limited sizing. The Sidi X-Power Lei Women’s boot is only available from sizes 7/39 to 10.5/43. If my foot was any smaller, I’d be out of luck. Still, it’s hard to criticize a company that is this dedicated to premium women’s motorcycle gear.CN

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